Don’t Forget to Vote!!

We are Asking the Portsmouth Town Council Candidates
to Answer a Few Questions


Here’s What They have Been Sent Via Snail Mail:


Dear Candidates and Incumbents for Portsmouth Town Council,


Congratulations on your decision to run for Town Council 2012. Our grassroots group, Preserve Portsmouth, has had folks asking us where candidates stand on different issues. We felt it more effective this year to ask you questions relating to our mission, of “raising awareness in our community, regarding land use, buy local and smart growth issues.


If you would kindly fill out the questionnaire no later than October 18, we will begin posting them as they are received on our website. We would also like to cordially invite you and a guest on a “school bus” educational tour to visit various sites in town with experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Please see details below:

To Our Town Council Candidates
Join Us for a Fun Evening about Town

Friday Evening, 4:45pm-7:00pm

October 19, 2012

Meet at the Brown House, Linden Lane, Portsmouth,
Look for the school bus!

(We will be providing a drop off stop at Portsmouth High School,
at approximately 6:50pm, football game kick-off).

All others will be brought back to the Brown House.

                 Beverages and appetizers will be served on the bus tour

Candidate Questionnaire 2012

Please circle yes or no and write a brief answer in the spaces provided.

1.)    Do you support the Aquidneck Land Trust’s proposal to conserve and enhance the Glen?



2.)    Do you believe that agriculture is an important part of Portsmouth in terms of providing local businesses, producing fresh foods, affording beautiful scenic vistas that distinguish Portsmouth and make it a desirable place to live, work and visit, limiting the amount of residential subdivisions that cause costly community service demands for the Town, serving as a direct link to the Town’s history, and other community benefits?



3.)    Do you support the Big Box regulations implemented in March of 2008 which state that no single retailer can build a big box store larger than 45,000 square feet? (Clements is approx. 31,500 sq.ft.)



4.)    Do you support an effort to locate points of public access to the shore, and to have those points clearly marked?




If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Study Says Portsmouth Houses Nearly 50%
of Aquidneck Island’s Open Space



Tina Dolen of The Aquidneck Island Planning Commission




Ted Clement of The Aquidneck Land Trust


Click Link Below for Full Article


Hearing Ends With Unanimous Vote to Refuse
Request to Rezone Parcel


The Brigg’s property hearing ended with a unanimous vote by the Portsmouth Town Council to reject the petitioners request for rezoning the parcel from lt. industrial to commercial. Residents packed the room and had many concerns and questions for the council. Despite the variety of speakers, the consensus was that it would not be in the best interest of the surrounding are and town in general to grant this request. We DO NEED a way to generate revenue for the town tax base. IF ANYONE has any good, viable ideas to do so, please contact the Portsmouth, RI EDC (Economic Development Committee) as they are working very hard to generate ideas for supplemental revenue. Their link is below…


 Families In Area Concerned About Possible Rezoning



click on article to read

Very Important Meeting January 30, 2012!

We would like to make you all aware of the potential for development at The Brigg’s Farm property just west of The Hedley St. intersection in Portsmouth. Whether you approve or disapprove of this development, it is important that all residents, abutters and neighbors in the area know that this is proceeding to the next step.

Vincent Mesolella a former State Rep from Lincoln/ North Providence is lobbying to propose a change in zoning from Light Industrial to Commercial. This would allow for a Big Box development to go in at the location mentioned above. He would like to put in a 150,000 sq. ft. store as his anchor. Preserve Portsmouth fought hard for a size cap on all single use stores.


Anyone interested in more details may view the file at Town Hall and then attend the meeting on January 30, 2012 at 7:00pm, at Portsmouth Town Hall.

Below you will see the zoning notice in The Newport Daily News. This is not really a “meeting” as much as a Public Hearing and legal procedural step in the process that can be binding. The notice and preparation for a hearing requires a significant investment of time and money by the applicant. If attendance is light with approval resulting (and proper legal notice was given) there are then very limited rights to appeal the decision in most states.


This is not an informal step, this is moving forward and attendance by all who may be impacted, especially abutters, is critical at this juncture.


Note the following legal provisions:
1. Proposals shown thereon may be amended or altered prior to the close of the Public Hearing without further advertising as a result of fur there study or because of the views expressed at the Public Hearing.
2. Those persons wishing to be heard should attend and voice their concerns.
3. A copy of the matter under consideration may be obtained or examined at the Office of the Town Clerk. Note: ANYONE WITH INTEREST SHOULD GO DOWN TO GET COPY OR FILE WELL IN ADVANCE AND HAVE IN HAND AT MEETING.
4. NOTE: If you send a written communication that you want read into the record (advisable) follow the 3 days prior notice just to be safe.


We hope you can attend the meeting!
Preserve Portsmouth


     Please go to “posts” page to leave a comment!


Very Important  Planning Board meeting this Wednesday October 12th 7:00 p.m. Town Hall.

Vincent Mesolella  a developer from North Providence

wants to change the use of the land from light industrial to

commercial at the Briggs Farm Property. This gentleman would

like a massive Big Box Store development at the corner of West

Main Rd and Corys Ln. Our neighboring town didn’t want the

development do we??……..

Yes, we have a store size cap in Portsmouth

HOWEVER we need to continue to show up and pay

attention!!! See you there!





We Want to Hear From You!!

As a Portsmouth resident or “fan”

of “The Town of Portsmouth,”

what makes this such a

SPECIAL place for you?


if you need some help in deciding, feel free to go to this link

and watch the wonderful video of Portsmouth, (just click on Welcome)

under Portsmouth Video Tour Book…

6 Responses to home

  • pres2821 says:

    Great idea, will do shortly.

  • Michelle says:

    Very nice, i suggest Admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  • Werner Loell says:

    While I agree with you 100% Conni, we cannot afford to relax and must stay engaged as long as we live in a facsimile of a democratic Republic.

  • Werner Loell says:

    In many respects, I agree what residing in Portsmouth, is of relatively higher quality than our sister towns, by comparison, south of us. However, the threat from further development, partially precipitated by the availability of excess Navy property, provides for uncertainty in our ability and willingness to preserve the “Quality of Life” we enjoy now for future generations. I still see certain zealousness in promoting real estate development, retail centers, and housing projects and perhaps, if we are lucky, some open space for public parks.
    One of my major concerns is the fact that the EPA has yet to fully certify the carcinogen heavy metal levels in our aquifer ground water. The fact that the tank farms were collapsed, soil remaining of questionable residual content, and that the land was not returned to a state representative of what it was when the Navy occupied it and leaving the cost to the state tax payer to clean up rather than have the cost distributed across the country by having the US Navy assume the burden in total; a concept promoted in the DOD back in the 90′s, named: “Total Ownership Cost”.
    I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to reside on the East Side of EMR where the community has found kind and generous folks willing to support open space. Although I wanted to plant rare conifers on available land, I was quickly discouraged by the fact that at 1/2 million dollars an acre, one has to be in the 1% bracket to have spare change to pursue a hobby in horticulture. In my mind, Portsmouth does not need further development since yearly water restrictions, pollution alerts, harsher environmental laws, and eroding coastlines should dissuade the economic experts and developers from continually pursuing speculations for personal gain. I believe in an approach that everyone can participate in following the principle of a “Permaculture” very much active in New England, except Rhode Island. Perm culture embraces sustainability with emphasis on organic farming and gardening, somewhat of a challenge for golf course owners with fertilizer and herbicide run-off into our water systems.
    I hope this message finds open minds to promote “continuous improvement” of qualify of life opportunities for our Portsmouth Township, the “City of Trees”.

  • pres2821 says:

    We believe that the majority of folks who move to Portsmouth and stay here do so for those very reasons! Thanks for Posting!


  • pres2821 says:

    For me , it is the sense of community and the safe,
    scenic setting which is ideal for raising a happy & healthy family…

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