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We are Asking the Portsmouth Town Council Candidates
to Answer a Few Questions

Here’s What They have Been Sent Via Snail Mail:
We will post their answers as they are returned to us…


Dear Candidates and Incumbents for Portsmouth Town Council,


Congratulations on your decision to run for Town Council 2012. Our grassroots group, Preserve Portsmouth, has had folks asking us where candidates stand on different issues. We felt it more effective this year to ask you questions relating to our mission, of “raising awareness in our community, regarding land use, buy local and smart growth issues.


If you would kindly fill out the questionnaire no later than October 18, we will begin posting them as they are received on our website. We would also like to cordially invite you and a guest on a “school bus” educational tour to visit various sites in town with experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Please see details below:

To Our Town Council Candidates
Join Us for a Fun Evening about Town

Friday Evening, 4:45pm-7:00pm

October 19, 2012

Meet at the Brown House, Linden Lane, Portsmouth,
Look for the school bus!

(We will be providing a drop off stop at Portsmouth High School,
at approximately 6:50pm, football game kick-off).

All others will be brought back to the Brown House.

                 Beverages and appetizers will be served on the bus tour

Candidate Questionnaire 2012

Please circle yes or no and write a brief answer in the spaces provided.

1.)    Do you support the Aquidneck Land Trust’s proposal to conserve and enhance the Glen?



2.)    Do you believe that agriculture is an important part of Portsmouth in terms of providing local businesses, producing fresh foods, affording beautiful scenic vistas that distinguish Portsmouth and make it a desirable place to live, work and visit, limiting the amount of residential subdivisions that cause costly community service demands for the Town, serving as a direct link to the Town’s history, and other community benefits?



3.)    Do you support the Big Box regulations implemented in March of 2008 which state that no single retailer can build a big box store larger than 45,000 square feet? (Clements is approx. 31,500 sq.ft.)



4.)    Do you support an effort to locate points of public access to the shore, and to have those points clearly marked?




If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

One Response to Vote for Town Council Members 11/6

  • Joe Robicheau says:

    To Preserve Portsmouth members,
    I know many members were counting on a resolution of the Fairview Lane Right Of Way issue at last night’s Town Council meeting. I wanted the same thing, but it was not going to happen. I had a call from Mr. Gleason first thing this morning and he suggested that I was bullied by Mr. Seveney. There could be nothing further from the truth. I have been persuaded by Seveney, maybe twice in two years. I cannot be bullied or threatened him or anyone else. I never aspired to elected office and I do not like the job at all, but someone has to do it. I belatedly found this to be an unusual circumstance for elected officials but tremendous asset. Meaningful, and emotionally charged decisions are easier to make when the worst that can happen is, I lose my job.
    There was nothing that could have been said last night that would have changed my position. I tried to save proponents time and energy, but the votes were not there. I was advised by our attorney in the matter not to act until an executive session with him could be convened. Ignoring such advice would have been a disservice to taxpayers and may have threatened the case. I don’t know and will not guess.
    My initial amateur assessment of the case was that the ROW was private. After hearing legal counsel and other input I was persuaded that, although an extraordinarily complex historic challenge, heavy research might result in another indisputable public ROW. We are almost there. I have invited Attorney Liberati to the next regular Town Council meeting on November 13. If the election is not yet certified, an executive session will be convened. Otherwise, it will likely have to wait until November 26.
    If I am re-elected, I will pursue the initiative and select the best course to make Fairview Lane a public ROW to the water.
    Joe Robicheau
    Portsmouth Town Council, President

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