Our Mission Statement-

To raise awareness in our community regarding

Land Use, Buy Local and Smart Growth issues.

The Person to contact for information about

Preserve Portsmouth is Conni Harding

at 401-862-4130.

one good example of preservation in our community...








A good example of “Smart Growth” in Portsmouth is

The Clock Tower Square Development. This is a great example

of mixed use- retail spaces along the ground floor with office

space over the retail.

Clock Tower Square









Some members of Preserve Portsmouth in front of the propsed site for Target

When Target wanted to build a 3 acre store in a spot zoned residential neighborhood,
we felt it was crucial to educate the community on the pros and the cons.


Letter to the Editor – Target in Portsmouth

I was born and raised on Aquidneck Island, growing up in Middletown, living in Newport for 15 years and now living in Portsmouth for 5 years. I own property in all three towns. I have witnessed a lot of growth and changes on this island, both good and bad. I am not against change and growth for this community, but in order for Portsmouth to retain the quality of life people enjoy here, the businesses coming in to Portsmouth need to be controlled properly.

Target does not belong here. The impact it would create on the traffic, safety, noise and environmental issues would be tremendous. People, not only from Aquidneck Island, but also from Tiverton, Little Compton, Fall River, Bristol, etc. all will be driving to this island to shop at the closest Target. There will be large delivery trucks on East and West Main Roads possibly turning into Union Street to deliver to Target. Students walking to and from the Middle School will have to contend with increased traffic from cars and trucks. There are no sidewalks on Union Street and people walk on the side of the road.

And let us consider Baileys Brook, which runs very close to the proposed Target site. What environmental issues will that create now and in the future if a large box store is allowed at that location ? And also water run-off into existing neighborhoods created by the Target building and parking lot ?

“If You Build It They Will Come.” If Target is allowed here other large chain stores will follow. What will happen to the small independently owned businesses ? Sadly, they will not be able to compete with Target and eventually will close. Portsmouth will never be the same. And there goes the small town life people here cherish. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Target does not belong here.

Lisa Hassett Silvia
Portsmouth, R. I.